Quick T-Shirt Design


On Monday night my friend came to me with an emergency. He needed a t-shirt design and he needed it by tomorrow. Having known him since kindergarten I decided I could help him out as best I could with limited time. What he wanted was pretty simple he needed a set of stairs and a maple tree with the words “Feel Free to STAIR” somewhere on it. Above is the final design that I came up with, a simple tree coming out the top of a staircase with the phrase written on alternating stairs. What I was most happy about was with how I did the leaves on the tree.


Having only about two hours to work on it I didn’t really get to play around with too many different ideas. I have never designed a t-shirt before, especially one with any objects on it. The biggest thing I had to tackle is that on a t-shirt I didn’t know how it was going to be printed so I couldn’t have too much detail. Above is my first markup of the tree. As you can see there is way to much detail with the leaves. To make it simple I could have done it with the pen tool, but having such a short time to work on it that was going to take me too long.


What I did was make a bunch of circles and ovals that covered all the branches and made a good solid outline of the tree. Now that looked ok as the outline of the tree. But I wanted to give it some definition. So I selected all the ovals and went to File->Effects->Distort & Transform->Roughen. Then I played with the settings until I got a realistic looking tree. So that is my first, quick t-shirt design.

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