Boston skyline in a footprint

Keep running, Boston. After the recent attacks at the Boston marathon I felt inspired to create something to give hope to the city of Boston. What I came up with took the a runners shoeprint and put a silhouette of the Boston skyline in it. I think it helps to remember that no matter what […]

Layout Sketches

I have pretty much nailed down most of the elements that I want to use in my new design, the mountains and the underground rocks, now its time to do the layouts. This is the hard part because I have no idea how I wanted to do the layout and navigation or how the elements […]

Quick T-Shirt Design

On Monday night my friend came to me with an emergency. He needed a t-shirt design and he needed it by tomorrow. Having known him since kindergarten I decided I could help him out as best I could with limited time. What he wanted was pretty simple he needed a set of stairs and a […]