New Header and Design



I know its been awhile since I updated last on my website redesign. I went back and looked at my design and while I like the illustration look I don’t think it made a good website design. I plan on using the illustrations for an art piece though.

Up above is what I have created as my soon to be new header. I have still kept the mountains aspect of the design but I have made them more geometric and given them textures to appear more lifelike. I like this design a lot better with the textures and keeping the same aspect ratio of the mountains. I can also use the same shapes and colors on other personal branding elements like my resume and business cards.

New Layout

This is what I hope the whole layout of the site will look like. With the water turning into a waterfall and falling down the page into a lake at the bottom. At the bottom the mountains have been flipped to resemble the underground with the bottom layer being lava.


So that is hopefully my new design that I will run with, I am still not sure where I am going to put my name and navigation, but I finally got a design that I like

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