Header and Footer Graphics

Website Redesign Header


I got pretty far today with working on my header and footer images. As I mentioned in my last post about incorporating my personality into the the site more I was able to accomplish this in my footer rather than my header. As you can see the images are drastically different from my first drafts of them. They are a lot more detailed and polished.

(I haven’t blogged in so long I had forgotten about splitting the posts…)

Website Redesign Footer


As you can see in the footer image I added disc golf, one of my favorite hobbies. What I want to try and do with site is having the mountains up close in the  header and then as your scroll down the page its like your “zooming out” away from the mountains and the when you get the footer there is a new  scene.

I am still playing around with the images, I think that they are too different of a style from each other and I need to fix that. But I have the main graphics mostly worked on and going in a good direction. I’m hoping to take different elements and colors to use elsewhere in the site.

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