Rebuilding with HTML5 and CSS3


It’s been awhile since I have really done any web design and development. Since the last time I have done any web design things have changed a lot.  The two major changes are the implantation of HTML5 and CSS3. There are many new elements, attributes and modules. Many things that were done in the past using JavaScript or Flash can now be doing using HTML5 and CSS3.

The way that web design is expanding I need to learn both of these to further my knowledge. Over the next couple of weeks (hopefully quicker and not longer…) I will be updating my site, which is outdated, using HTML5 and CSS3. I also hope to make a simple mobile friendly website as well. Then if things go well, update the design of my blog (which really needs an update) to match the new design of my site.


1-11-2013 8-46-42 PM

Current Homepage

I will be keeping track of updates and screen shots here. As well as any cool things that I learn and I assume all the problems that I come across. I am planning on starting from scratch, however I may use HTML5 Boilerplate. I haven’t quite decided yet! I will also be trying out Sublime Text along with Notepad++ to see which I like better. I will also be posting some artwork here that I will create for the backgrounds, minor graphics, all that good stuff.

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