Header and Footer Graphics

Header I got pretty far today with working on my header and footer images. As I mentioned in my last post about incorporating my personality into the the site more I was able to accomplish this in my footer rather than my header. As you can see the images are drastically different from my first […]

New Illustration for Web Site Redesign

  I came up with two new header images for the new website design. With the new design I want the new site to show more of my personality. One of the many ways that I love to relax is by getting into the outdoors, whether is hiking, camping, disc golf or just going for […]

Rebuilding with HTML5 and CSS3

It’s been awhile since I have really done any web design and development. Since the last time I have done any web design things have changed a lot.  The two major changes are the implantation of HTML5 and CSS3. There are many new elements, attributes and modules. Many things that were done in the past […]