Happy Birthday Keith Haring!

Keith Haring Google Doodle

Today Keith Haring would have been 54 years old. Haring was a artist and social activist in the 1980s mainly working in New York City. He is best known for his Crack Is Wack billboard in a New York City playground. I was first introduced to Haring through my high school art teacher Mrs. Tetler, where I had to write a paper on him. I grew to love and appreciate his art for how simple and expressive his art is. In college for my art history final we had to do a research paper on an artist and recreate some of their work in our own way. For my project I decided on doing a paper on Haring.

Subway Art Keith Haring

Living in Brookline at the time and taking the T to travel everywhere I was inspired by what Haring had done to the subway ads in the New York subway. For the project I set out for the green line with some poster board and sharpies. I then looked at the ads on different trains and drew and wrote a short message on a piece of poster board and stuck it over the subway ad. I got many strange looks from people but nobody bothered me.

In honor of Haring’s birthday Google created a “Google Doodle” of his drawings spelling out Google to celebrate his birthday. Haring has and always will be one of my favorite artists and I hope to one day own some of his work. He was a positive influence wherever he went and wherever his art was.

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