Whose clicking on these ads?

Capital One CNN Ads

So I blogged (link) about the Capitol One having 4 adds running on CNN.com at once and it ended up getting a lot of traffic from people searching so I assume I am not the only one finds the ads annoying. The adds have come back a couple of times since, including today. Now Capitol one is in the business of making money and wouldn’t have these ads running for nothing. So now my question isn’t why are they running these ads, its whose clicking on them that make them worth it? The ads do wrap around the main content of CNN.com so is it people thinking its part of the site? The top banner does occasionally scroll across and maybe people think its a new ticker?Is there enough people like me who click their mouse randomly when reading something that accidentally click on them? There has to be a healthy amount of people that click on the ads to justify spending that much money on them. I would love to see a click heatmap of the main page to see where these people are clicking. I guess it must be good advertising design if its worth it, no matter how annoying or intrusive it is.

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