Grndctrl Review


Grndctrl is a dashboard that tells you where your money goes & helps you save via the medium of beautiful graphs. It is a nice simple and easy to use website that tells you how much money you should be saving a month based on your monthly income and monthly expenses.


After you put all of your information in you return to the dashboard and you are greeted by a couple of things. First at the top there is a blue bar and breaks down how much you are saving (if you are saving) per day, month, and year. Next there is a pie graph that shows you how much money you are spending on your expenses per year. The final is a bar graph that shows your estimated savings over the next year.grndctrl-screen2

The final part is a rewards section where you enter in a item that you are saving up for (HDTV, Laptop, Car, etc.) and how much that item costs. The site will then display how much time it will take you to save up for that item.


This site is incredibly useful and after taking the ~10 minutes to set it up has shown me that I can trim my budget down and save up money to pay off my student loans as well as save up for some new things. One thing I wish it had was integration with Mint that pulled all my information and was able to accurately tell me how much I was saving per month in the past. Overall it is a great site that will always be helpful.

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