How to Create Sticker Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop Sticker

I have been making text look like it’s a sticker for a little while at work and I thought that I would make a short tutorial on how I create the sticker quickly and easily. This is my first Adobe Photoshop tutorial so go easy on me! Hit the jump to see the tutorial and download the files.


Create a document with the correct size and transparent background.

Use the text tool select the typeface (I used Gill Sans MT) you and and type out your text you want as the sticker, for right now color doesn’t matter.

photoshop sticker text

Using the layer style chose a gradient overlay and select the color you want. I downloaded a bunch of gradient swatches from here.

photoshop text gradient

Next in the layer styles select Stroke and set it as outside the text around 5-8  px. I used a slightly white and gray on the outside to make it look a little dirty.

Photoshop Stroke

Next do a slight inner shadow from the top 111 degrees with a size of 2 px.

Photoshop Inner Shadow

Then do a slight outer glow. Solid black color size of about 8px no spread.

Photoshop Outer Glow

Then your sticker is done! You can go back and play with the values a little to see how changing even a few pixels and change the depth of the sticker.


To make the sticker look like it is peeling away duplicate the layer (for backup) and rasterize the new layer. Take the polygon marquee and select the area you want to peel. Then right click and select “New Layer from Cut”

photoshop marquee

The select that and flip vertically and horizontal.

Photoshop flipping

Next since the back of the sticker is usually just plain white your going to want to select the layer and fill the layer.

Photoshop Curl

Once you have that filled it select the layer properties and give it a drop shadow and play with the gradient overlay to make it blend like it was folded.

Photoshop Layer Styles

Then you are done with your sticker! You can download the original photoshop file here. I hope that this has been helpful for you, if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments!

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