CNN and Capital One Advertising

CNN and Capital One Ads

I have the unfortunate experience of running Firefox at work recently with AdBlock turned off. This is a horrible thing. I went and visited CNN the other day and the above image is what I was greeted with.

Yes, that is four, count them four Capitol One advertisements. They frame the all the news content and tossed in another advertisement for good measure. Incredibly annoying. Makes me not want to do business with Capital One and rethink visiting CNN, at least without AdBlock on. What is the point of running 4 big ads on one page? Do they care about the content of the ads or are they just hoping people will randomly click on them?

Amazon Support

Meanwhile Amazon created amazing advertising without doing much. Recently someone posted on Reddit about their experience with Amazon support. What happened was that they lost a package, completely USPS fault and Amazon refunded the purchase and reordered the purchase for them. So this whole thing cost Amazon around $50 and generated a couple thousand hits on Reddit and 759,000+ hits on the upload of the support chat.


So to recap CNN and Capital One advertising is a huge annoyance and likely cost them tons of money and only annoyed people. While Amazon was able to generate buzz, display amazing support for around $50.

Capital One CNN Ads

Update: As of November 3ed/4th the ads are back, this time in red! Who else is sick of this?

Another update.

3 Responses to “CNN and Capital One Advertising”

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  2. OMG, I can’t even go to CNN anymore just because of this. They need to revamp their advertisement and website creation department. The fact that these Capital One advertisements border the entire page is just unbelievable. I mean common sense would ask what are they even thinking?? Who approves this? Even the past year when they re-vamped their website and added that annoying red strip across the page. I liked it how it used to be. They blew it and they suck!!! I no longer go to CNN for my news, I go to Fox now. I’m sure a lot of other people will eventually leave as well. Good job CNN, you used to be the best, no longer are you!!

  3. When I visited, I counted 5!