October Google Panda Update

Google Panda

When you think of Pandas you think of cute adorable bears that sit around and eat bamboo. Recently when I have heard of pandas I have thought about a much scarier panda, Google Panda.

Google Panda is an update system to their search algorithm to improve their search results. The way its supposed to work is lower the rank of what they see as low quality sites. Low quality sites are sites that are scrape content and publish it as their own. Or sites that rank for keywords but don’t provide any useful information on those keywords.

This past week (October 14th-ish) Google rolled out a new panda updated (2.5). This update crushed a couple of the sites that I link build and monitor. We dropped around 80% of our traffic. Some of our main keywords are still ranking high (3-5) but longer tail keywords dropped out of the top 100 spots.

Now a lot of web developers and SEO specialists can’t quite figure out what Google Panda is all about. I have my own views and opinions on what it does and what it can be. First Google always wants web developers to write unique content and think of the users. But with Google Panda hitting sites that have been creating unique content for the past 10 years. Those web developers are getting hit and getting hit hard. Those web developers are going to have to start creating content or the way they display content to please Google Panda and not what is best for the user. And having to create content and display content that isn’t for the benefit of the user is what Google Panda was trying to devalue.

Another thing that Google Panda 2.5 seems to notice is the page title and see if the keywords are stuffed in the title and not displayed in the page I think that Google Panda flags and devalues that page as not helpful. It is also know that Google looks for template pages and notes that those are useless pages and provide no useful information to the user.

So what are we supposed to do about the Google Panda updates? Well nothing really. It doesn’t matter how many updates you make you have to wait for the panda algorithm to hit your site again. Which I think is about every 2 weeks with a bigger update about once a month. The way we are trying to figure out Google Panda for our sites is rewriting some content again in hopes to make it different and unique from what else might be out on the web. Mainly what we do is wait and see what Google has in store for us. They have more control over visitors to your site than you do. I’ll have more on this once I see the stats and rankings after a couple of weeks.

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  1. On Sept 25th I was hit by Panda. I lost 70% of my traffic. I did quite a few things to fix it and I am happy to say that as of October 24th my traffic and rankings are back.