My Simple Halloween Costume

First time I had dressed up for halloween in awhile. I went as a Formal Apology. Just a suit, dress shoes, top hat, bowtie and a sign that said “I am Sorry”. Simple and easy.

Halloween Weekend Snow Storm Damage

We had a little bit of damage from the October 29th snow storm in Central MA. Just a few branches down here and there. Only about 7” of snow but just a little ways down the road they got over a foot.

Fry Day

Fry Day, Fry Day, Gotta get down on Fry Day. My favorite song to play every Friday.  

Grndctrl Review

Grndctrl is a dashboard that tells you where your money goes & helps you save via the medium of beautiful graphs. It is a nice simple and easy to use website that tells you how much money you should be saving a month based on your monthly income and monthly expenses. After you put all […]

CNN and Capital One Advertising

I have the unfortunate experience of running Firefox at work recently with AdBlock turned off. This is a horrible thing. I went and visited CNN the other day and the above image is what I was greeted with. Yes, that is four, count them four Capitol One advertisements. They frame the all the news content […]

How to Create Sticker Text Effect in Photoshop

I have been making text look like it’s a sticker for a little while at work and I thought that I would make a short tutorial on how I create the sticker quickly and easily. This is my first Adobe Photoshop tutorial so go easy on me! Hit the jump to see the tutorial and […]

Baystate Championship Wrestling

The Baystate Championship Wrestling (BCW) website is currently offline at request of the owners. Its only temporary and the site will be back up at an undetermined date. Any question you can email me here and I will get back to you asap. Thank You.

Disc Golfing in Fall

I need to get back out there before it gets too cold and the snow starts falling. I haven’t been in over a month. My discs need some refreshing fresh air. PS. I am going to be launching a new site soon, Disc Golf Pictures, but I need some more pictures to put up, if […]

Something evil’s lurking in the dark

Thriller! If I owned a house I would do this. Just impressive.

October Google Panda Update

When you think of Pandas you think of cute adorable bears that sit around and eat bamboo. Recently when I have heard of pandas I have thought about a much scarier panda, Google Panda. Google Panda is an update system to their search algorithm to improve their search results. The way its supposed to work […]