Blog Posts and Stats

Back on September 26th I hit my 100th blog post. Not really a big deals since my first post was back on November 14th 2007. So that’s 100 blog posts in 1,412 days an average of one post ever 14.12 days. Not bad considering I had a total of 8 posts in 2009 and just […]

Pink Floyd “Animals” Pig

EMI is recreating the legendary Pink Floyd ‘Animals’ sleeve and floating the Pink Floyd Pig above Battersea Power Station. This will be the first time in 35 years that the Pink Floyd Pig will fly again above the iconic London landmark. For the release of all the remastered albums under “Why Pink Floyd?” You can […]

I miss Mr. Rogers

I remember the best part of staying home sick from school was being able to watch Mr. Rogers. Its sad that kids growing up today won’t know who he is and won’t be able to grow up watching him.

View from Foxwoods

The view from the 10th floor at Foxwoods MGM. So weird to see a tower in the middle of emptiness.

Sigh….one of those days

Guess I need to get a new tire or get the tire plugged.

Jones Soda

Incredibly delicious.

Why I love Moosejaw

Moosejaw is an online store similar to REI and EMS. I have recently started ordering my clothes and camping gear from them because they have great prices, reward points and a sense of humor. After viewing their site and reading some of the descriptions you will get what I mean. I also like shopping there […]

Tim Wakefield Finally Gets His 200th Win

The man, the myth, the legend Tim Wakefield finally got his 2ooth win tonight. It took 18 runs from the Red Sox but they got the win for Timmy. Its been a long time coming, Congratulations on your 200th win!

Fortune Cookie Advice

Best fortune cookie advice I have ever gotten. I now have this fortune in my wallet so whenever I reach to get money to buy something I question if I really need to buy it.

Why does Snoop Dogg like Bacon?

Fo’ da sizzle.