Hurricane Irene Damage

Well now that Hurricane Irene is over its time for clean up. When the storm hit us it was already downgraded to a tropical storm. It was actually kind of a dud for our area which is good news because that means nobody got hurt and there was minor damage around us. The first picture […]

Tracking Hurricane Irene

Image From NASA So earlier this week we had a confirmed F1 Tornado in New Hampshire and then we had a 5.8 earthquake hit near Washington D.C. that damaged the National Cathedral and cracked the Washington Monument closing it indefinitely. So what else could complete this week? How about a hurricane? Yup, right when I […]

10,000 Miles

Hit 10,000 miles on my Sonata today. It’s a sad day. I’ve had the car for just about 6 months so that equals about to about 1666 miles a month and 55 miles per day. I am so glad I am moving closer to work where my commute will be much shorter.

Monday Needs a Fast Forward Button

Is it 5 yet?

Adobe Photoshop Menus Tip

I discovered something interesting the other day while playing around in Photoshop. Under the Edit menu there’s a “Menus”  option. Under that you can turn off the display of any menu item in Photoshop. The menu options will still be there just hidden down at the bottom under “Show All Menu Items” selection. This is […]

Facebook Video Calling?

Does Facebook support video calling? I was on facebook chatting with a friend tonight and I noticed that in the upper right corner there was a little camera icon and when hovering over it a little bubble pops up that says “Start a Video Call” Has anybody seen this or use this yet? I went […]

Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is a website where people submit their projects and set a monetary goal and a deadline. People then donate any amount of money that they want to the project and there are different levels with different rewards. The rewards are anything from Thank You, to one of the products, credit on their site and […]

Zootool Pro

Today Zootool released their Pro service. I have blogged about Zootool before and how I find it as an incredibly useful service. I know they had been working on a Pro service and today they released it. The new features they released are: Emailing Clippings Social Networking-Sync Unlimited Packs Public Packs Ad Free The coolest […]