Google Music Beta Review


I recently got my invite for music beta by Google. I have to say so far its a great service, but it needs some help. Uploading music is pretty fast and you can easly customize what directories you want uploaded (you can choose just iTunes music if you want) what speed you want it to upload, and when you want it to upload. The speed of the uploads is pretty impressive, I don’t have an exact time for the speed, but it was averaging around 300 songs an hour.

google music manager

This is the web interface:

music_main music_songs

The interface looks pretty decent but if I could sum it up in one word it would be, sluggish. Switching from different views or adding songs to a playlist or even double clicking to play a song is slow. I know that the service is still in Google’s eternal “beta” but I thought they would have had a much better web interface.

They do have an Andriod “app” which is just the standard music app on the Andriod phone that synchs with your Google account and allows you to stream or download all the music that you uploaded.

Overall the amount of storage space they give you (20,000 songs), the web player and the Andriod app you can’t really complain about it. The question is will it remain free and for how long?

edit: I am currently having trouble logging into Google music to upload music, I keep getting this popup:

google_music_login_failed (Login failed, Connection to server failed with error code 5), as of 06/10 no fix for this. Another update here.

3 Responses to “Google Music Beta Review”

  1. You must have a very speedy internet connection if you were averaging ~300/hour; in my case, the initial upload took 11 hours, 45 minutes, at ~110 songs per hour.

    I’m surprised by your speed comments, as I’m using a Google Cr-48 chromebook, which nobody has ever called a fast machine, and Google Music seems very responsive.

    Apart from some odd error messages for a small number (57 of 1343) of files in the upload, and a freezing problem that has disappeared in the past 24 hours, I’m really liking Google Music. Even though I have a Mac and an iPod, >90% of the music in my library has come from outside iTunes, so the closer integration of Apple’s approach means little to me, and I find that I prefer the slimmed down user interface of Google Music to iTunes (which has become more and more bloated over the years).

  2. I was amazed at the speed as well. I just did a speed test and I am averaging 35 MB/S Down and 5 MB/S upload. I wish I could test the actually speed and get an excat amount, that is if Google would let me login to the music manager.

  3. I keep getting login failed error message…fix it!!!!!