Google Music Connection to server failed with error code 5

I had the error with Google Music trying to upload music that gave a “Connection to server failed with error code 5”. I submitted a bug report to the Google music team and it appears to be a problem with Google Apps accounts. This is the email response I got from them: Thank you for […]

Giant Sequoia Tree

This year for Mothers Day I got my Mom this Giant Sequoia Tree Growing Kit in a can. I wasn’t completely sure that it was going to grow even though it has a 100% guarantee that it would grow. Well it has been a couple of weeks since we planted the seeds and as you […]

Fenway Park Panorama

  This is a panorama taken with my Android phone using the Photaf 3D Panorama app. The color is off but I was impressed how easy it was to take pictures and how well it lined up. I am going to try and fix the colors in Photoshop and see how close I can get […]

Boston Bruins Parade and Stanley Cup

I was lucky enough to go and see the Boston Bruins Parade and Stanley Cup this weekend. Here are a few pictures. You can see the crowd and there was probably 30 people deep all along the parade route and then suddenly these guys game through carrying a wedding cake.

55th Walker Family Reunion

This past weekend was the 55th Walker Family Reunion. The picture above is the the picture from the first Family Reunion. Below is the full picture and a close up of my Grandpa, Grandma and oldest Uncle.

Best Disc Golf Shot of the Day

Had this drive on hole 5 at Pyramids Disc Golf. On the drive dug into the hill about 3 inches. Landed about 10 feet from the pin. In the picture below you can see where the disc is on the hill.

Character Design

These are some illustrations character designs I did in college. Mr. T was for a one page comic and “Slappy” was a fake spokes model for a chocolate company website. I have some more illustrations from that project I might post soon.

Mountain Logo Designs

I was going through some old college work I did and found these logos. These are from my sophomore year of college, so yes I have improved since then. I really like the Mountain View logo, I think I could have tightened it up a little bit but overall I like the design. The Open […]

Google Music Beta Review

I recently got my invite for music beta by Google. I have to say so far its a great service, but it needs some help. Uploading music is pretty fast and you can easly customize what directories you want uploaded (you can choose just iTunes music if you want) what speed you want it to […]

Massachusetts Tornadoes Path

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/Jesse Allen/USGS, using Landsat 5 data provided by Julia Barsi of the Landsat Project Science Office. On June 1st a tornado ripped through western / central Massachusetts. Very rare for this area and also rare on the amount of damage that the storm caused. NASA released a picture from space where […]