Zootool Review


With the news today that Yahoo! is shutting down Del.icio.us, the popular bookmarking site, I thought I would write about a site that I am currently using for my bookmarking. The site I’m talking about is Zootool.

Zootool Zootool is, in their words

“Zootool is about collecting, organizing and sharing your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the internet.”

Zootool is easy to use and everything is collected in a simple and organized area called your “zoo”. Then you can view the item you have saved, its tags, description, views and even has a shortened link to share the item.

Your Zoo

Your Zoo Single Item in your Zoo Single Item

Its a one stop spot to save all images, pages, videos and documents that you find while traveling around the web. You can also search through other peoples public zoos and then “heart” their items to add them to your zoo.

Zootool uses browser extensions as well as bookmarklets called the “lasso” to grab items from websites. Its a simple overlay, you choose the item, add tags and your on your way.

Zootool Overlay Overlay

You can also add a Zootool badge to your site that displays your most recent bookmarks. You can see my recent bookmarks on my graphic design portfolio. You can view my Zootool profile here.

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