A couple of years ago I played around with Grooveshark but never really used it that much. Back in February Lifehacker had a ‘High Five’ for the best music streaming services and since I just installed windows 7 I am going to try and go without installing a media player (other than Zune which I only use for syncing). I decided to try out Grooveshark again. I noticed that on Lifehacker they listed VIP premiums from other sites but left out the VIP features of Grooveshark. I made a comment about this and was kindly gifted a year of premium service from Grooveshark. Some of the major premium features of Grooveshark VIP are Grooveshark Desktop application, mobile application and 50000 songs in your library. I love the Grooveshark Desktop application because it doesn’t require me to have my web browser open but still stream music. This is random ramblings but I thought that it bares mentioning how cool Grooveshark is and how generous they are for giving me a year of VIP service for a simple comment.

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