Windows 7 Review

Its been awhile since I said that I was going to post the Windows 7 Review but a couple things have come up, but now here it is.

Windows 7 is a vast improvement over Vista and XP in terms of speed and accessibility. The major difference from Vista and XP in Windows 7 is the task bar. Before the task bar used to just hold the open windows and have quick launch and system tray. That’s all changed now in Windows 7. The taskbar still has a system tray and start/menu button but the quick launch is on steroids. Check this video out to see some of the new features.


Windows 7 Task Bar

Hit the jump to see screen shots and new additions.

08ad819a750a0a59101e334821803034Here you can see the pin, unpin, open window boxes when  click and dragging up on an icon in task bar. If you have multiple windows it will also display the different names of the windows and you can click on those individually.

4a68bbee507e17b05f3174a5539b4d10This is the thumbnail previews that pop up when you hover over something in the taskbar. When windows are grouped this feature is a huge plus.

hover  Hovering is completely new to Windows 7. When a thumbnail pops up you can over your mouse over it and it will show that window and hide the other windows. Its useful if your working and somebody IMs you but you don’t want to stop working you just over and display the conversation and then go back to working.

81b8e924c3c183768d2b8e03d5716886 This is the system tray. In the old versions of Windows there was a arrow that would expand the system trap to show the hidden items, now its a pop-up window.

Overall Windows 7 is a major upgrade from Vista or XP. I have had no problems or crashes with it at all. Boot-up time is about 35 seconds to get to a working desktop, where on Vista it is around a minute. Programs seem to launch faster as well, although I haven’t installed Adobe CS4 yet. There is also a new feature called "Aero Shake" which if you have a lot of windows open and take one of them and drag it really fast across the window it will minimize all the other windows. You can also have windows snap to the side of screen by dragging them there. Check out Lifehacker and Gizmodo for more in-depth reviews.

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