Zune’s are Back!

A 7:50 AM EST I woke up and could barley breath because of this stupid head cold. But I had the presents of mind to put my Zune on the AV dock like the Zune Support suggested, and what do you know? After charging it for a little while the menu popped up and I could play my very beautiful music again. I’m glad that everything is working now and all it took was to wait it out for a day. I must say thought that I’m amazed by the people that still have a Zune from 2006, there was quite a big splash over the internet about this. Maybe it will finally silence the stupid people who continue to post “what’s a zune?” and “so like 2 people have Zune’s?”. As for getting something from Microsoft? While free stuff is always nice,I don’t really care anymore, I’m just glad I don’t have to send somewhere to get it fixed. Now to do what’s important and enjoy my music on the go, that’s right it doesn’t matter if its Apple, Microsoft, Sansa or anybody else, as long as you aren’t listening to crappy music.

P.S. 50th Post!! Yay!! Champagne, confetti and all that fun stuff leftover from last night, ok back to sleep off this cold, day 6.

One Response to “Zune’s are Back!”

  1. It’s nice to see that I am not alone…. Although, my music may be crappy to most, I enjoy it!!!
    Congrats on 50 Posts!