Zune 30 GB Failing

41OxZsQst1L._SL500_AA280_ I awoke this morning expecting a snowstorm, to still be sick and New Years Eve. What I didn’t expect was my Zune to suddenly stop working. It has been noticed all across the country and even across the world that Zune 30GB are restarting and freezing at the loading screens. In my sick like state I first thought that I was dreaming because I hadn’t used my Zune in a couple of days. So I got mine off my desk and sure enough its frozen on the loading screen. Plugging it in does nothing, doing a hard reset does nothing as well. Some people are suggesting to take it apart, disconnect the batter and then reconnect it and it will work. This however is a temporary fix and it will break as soon as you try and sync it with your computer.

The lines to Zune support seem to be full and the wait is of an hour or more. A lot of people are just getting a case number and then being told to call back within 3-24 hours. The support line is 1-877-438-9863.

It seems that the main problem maybe that this year is a leap year and that the Zune is expecting it to be January 1st 2009. However it is December 31st 2008 so it keeps resetting itself or is confused and freezes. People are suggesting to set your computer clock to January 2ed 2009 and then plugging it in. However I tried this and it didn’t work. The reason? The Zune is still frozen on the boot up screen so it won’t make it to the sync screen and won’t realize its connected to a computer. How true is all this leap year reasoning? I have no idea but it seems logical to me, although I am still stick and a little “out there.” My suggestion? Go back to sleep and wake up and hope that its fixed. As of right now there is no solution from Microsoft about the Zune. Hopefully this will change within the next couple of hours. My suggestion to Microsoft on how to fix this problem and keep everybody happy? Send all Zune 30GB users a free 80 GB Zune. That or give away 25 free song downloads and 2 free movie downloads. I would take either of those very happily.

Edit: Here is Microsoft’s first response to it:

We are aware that customers with the Zune 30GB are experiencing issues with their Zune device. We are actively working now to isolate the issue and develop a solution to address it. We will keep customers informed on next steps via the support page on zune.net (zune.net/support).


Microsoft has come out and said that the issue is the internal clock and that all issues will be resolved over the next 24 hours. No need to open up your Zune or anything just wait it out. Response here.

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  1. I agree, Microsoft should definitely give us something. But they won’t, because they’re Microsoft.