Ice Storm!


UPDATE:Since posting this I have been around town and seen some of the damage and its not good. Our part of town probably got hit the least there are parts of town still without power. There are also parts of town where you are running over power lines and times when you have to drive on the opposite side of the road because trees and branches are still blocking the road.

As some of you may or may not know, last night/ this morning we got hit with an ice storm. We ended up losing power 12 times and the longest being about 3 hours. All through the night I could hear branches and trees cracking and falling over. This morning I woke up to see the damage and it wasn’t good. We have a tree down across our driveway and plenty of smaller branches and tops of trees down in our backyard. There is probably about half and inch of ice in the backyard on the ground just from it falling off of the trees. Thousands are without power and my parents are going to work at the CERT shelter to assist people who need a warm place to stay. Thanks to my mom and Jay Bowman for the pictures. [Slideshow here and here more pictures here.] Full gallery of pictures here.

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