Top 10 of 2008

So pretty much every website and blog under the sun is making top 10 lists of 2008. So I thought I would do the same. My top 10 lists include, Top 10 Free Software, Top 10 Firefox Plug-ins, Top 10 Websites. So without much further ado (is that spelled right?) here are my top ten. […]

Zune 30 GB Failing

I awoke this morning expecting a snowstorm, to still be sick and New Years Eve. What I didn’t expect was my Zune to suddenly stop working. It has been noticed all across the country and even across the world that Zune 30GB are restarting and freezing at the loading screens. In my sick like state […]

Bush Gets New Shoes

President Bush received a new pair of shoes today. However he was in Iraq so they had to air mail them directly to him. Classic. Where are all the Secret Service Agents? I hope that they are protecting President Elect Obama. [via CNN]

Bush ‘State of Emergency’

  Bush has declared a State of Emergency for Northern Massachusetts for the ice storm. On Friday Gov. Deval Patrick declared a statewide State of Emergency on Friday. There are still 108,000 people without power. This storm is much bigger then I had first assumed. I do have to say that when looking around town […]

Ice Storm!

UPDATE:Since posting this I have been around town and seen some of the damage and its not good. Our part of town probably got hit the least there are parts of town still without power. There are also parts of town where you are running over power lines and times when you have to drive […]

What’s going on with Digsby?

UPDATE: Digsby gave a complete review on their blog here. Go there for a more in depth review. Back in May I wrote a review on Digsby, recently I have heard talk about it being spyware and stealing your information. I decided to do some research on it and see if there was any truth […]

New Website and More Visitors

These past couple of weeks I have been working on a birthday present for my sister. So for her present I put to good use my degree and built her and her husbands wedding/life update website. The website presented many challenges and made me research and learn new things. Some of the things the problems […]