Google Chrome


If you haven’t heard already Google came out with their own web browser today called Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a browser that looks to compete with the IE market share more then the Firefox market share. Chrome is an open source browser but is currently only made for windows PCs. There is however a portable version for your thumbdrives. Overall its a pretty impressive browser however it does have a long way to go. There have been some talk about it being a little intrusive about your personal life but nothing that bothers me, yet at least. The second thing was the amount of ads that I saw, I hope when this takes off somebody ports over AdBlock Plus for it, then it would be useable. Hit the jump for some screen shots and things that Chrome does.


That is the homepage or the page whenever you open a new tab. It has a thumbnail of the most visited sites that you go to. It also has a side bar of your recently bookmarked sites for easy access.


Incognito is a new window/tab that allows you to view websites without having them saved to your browser history or saving any cookies. This is really useful for me as I create my plan for world domination, you however might find a different use for it.


As you can see by the bright red arrow, on every tab the root of the site is highlighted so you can protect yourself from phishing or any other type of exploit sites.


Every tab has its own separate process so that if one of the tabs locks up or is taking up to much process you can kill that individual tab without having to close the whole browser.

03-chrome-search-sites 04-passowrd-saving-like-firefox

These two features are much like the new Firefox 3 browser. This first one is similar to the “awesome bar” in Firefox 3. The only difference is that you can search for anything and it will bring up results in the bar. The second on is the saving of passwords, you can wait till you log into the site and make sure its correct before saving it.

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