West Boylston Bicentennial Parade

This weekend we in West Boylston celebrated the towns Bicentennial with a art show, bonfire, grand parade and ended it with a fantastic firework show. It was indeed a grand weekend with hundreds of people showed up for the arts show and thousands showed up for the grand parade and fireworks. I took part in […]

Zune 3.0

Today was the release of the Zune 3.0 software and they finally added a clock. That whole update was worth it just for the clock. But 3.0 also brings a lot of nice features and improvements. After the release of Apples Genius feature where it picks songs that match your taste, the new Zune software […]

Google Chrome

If you haven’t heard already Google came out with their own web browser today called Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a browser that looks to compete with the IE market share more then the Firefox market share. Chrome is an open source browser but is currently only made for windows PCs. There is however a […]

Its Been Awhile

Its been awhile since I’ve posted, there’s been a lot going on in the month of August/September. The most important thing being my sisters wedding. The wedding was perfect, went off without any problems at al, good weather, good food, interesting dancing. The week before her wedding I spent it in Key West Fl, for […]