1,000 Visitors!!!!


As of writing this entry right now there have been 1,001 unique visitors to my blog. I started this blog back on December 3ed 2007, so a day before 9 complete months there have been 1,001 visitors or about 111.17 visitors per month. The most visitors were 19 on January 13, 2008. I think its pretty impressive for such little work that I’ve actually put into it. I also currently have a google page rank of 4 out of 10. There have been visitors from 63 different countries with the top 5 being(these are all time visits):


  1. US- 998 visitors
  2. Canada- 50 visitors
  3. UK- 42 visitors
  4. Germany- 18 visitors
  5. India- 16 visitors

These are the top 5 searches:

  1. Digsby review- 199
  2. evernote3- 18
  3. zalternator download- 14
  4. Keith Keristead- 12
  5. zune alternative- 9


As for my main portfolio site I’ve only had 281 unique visitors. My main site has a google page rank of 2 out of 10.

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