The Keirstead 2000 Family Reunion

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This is a slide show of a powerpoint that I made following my dad and I’s trip up to New Brunswick, Canada for the Keirstead Family Reunion in the year 2000. I meant to post this awhile ago but I just found it while searching for something on my external harddrive. As you can tell by watching this that its old and outdated. A couple of things I noticed off the bat Comic Sans typeface…horrible, Some really bad clip art/images (random Bart Simpson?), the third and most disappointing was the slow and obnoxious animations for all of the slides, luckily for you when I turned it into a slide show to be upload online I lost all of the slide animations so you guys don’t have to put up with it. Also some of the things I can’t believe that I put on there, the horrible excel graph and used the template from powerpoint. Although I guess I have to take into consideration that I was 14 when I created this and it was before I had even started high school so I guess I can give my self a break.

EDIT: For some reason its coming out really small. Click here to view it full screen.

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