Over the Years


If you check out there is a new design up. Nothing to tricky, nice simple and clean. Got rid of that slow flash opening and the flash gallery for displaying my work. I also was able to add descriptions to my portfolio page as well as adding some new work and PDF versions for those who need it. Looking back at all the years I decided to take a screen shot of the so far of the 3 different designs that I have had. Hit the jump to seem them in all of their glory.



The first design from about early 2006. I was trying to go for a while sketchbook emptying my pockets type of deal. With all of the links and text mainly being my handwriting traced in illustrator. The sad thing is I lost all of the illustrator and Photoshop files for this design, so I just have what I could get offline.


This is one of the sub pages of the second design as well as the design I just replaced. The main page was just my name at the top and then a slow flash opening that displayed two links, one to the portfolio side and the other to my blog (first hosted on and then to my own domain with This also included the awful flash gallery that didn’t allow for any changes. This is from about November of 2007.


This is the current design now. Simple, clean and easy to navigate. Its still under construction but its fine for now. Its also my first try with CSS so its still a learning process. Overall it could use some work and some tweaking but its getting there.

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