The full Firefox 3 Review

firefox-logo Its been two weeks since Firefox 3 has come out and I’m just getting around to posting a “full” review of it. Overall I’m impressed with it, its a big step up from Firefox 2. There have been some visual changes as well as software and memory changes. Now I don’t know much about programing so I have no idea what they did but all I know is that its faster then 2 and that it uses a lot less memory then 2 did. One of the changes that I love that they did is when you enter your user name and password into a site a bar drops down from the top to ask if you want to save the password or not. In the older versions and was a pop up window that asked you which was extremely annoying if you entered the wrong password you wouldn’t know until after you selected if you wanted to save it or not.



Hit the jump too see some of the other changes…

This is the new vista design:



And Here is my personal version:

I did a lot of customization of it, shrinking down some of the different bars, shrunk all of my bookmarks to their icons and basically made it so there is more screen real estate to view websites.

Here is the new add-ons box:

From here you can add the add-ons right from the box without having to visit the site. There is also a new button to restart Firefox when you install or uninstall an add-on or plug in.

The next thing is the awesome bar.


The awesome bar remembers the websites you visit as well as all of your bookmarks. You can assign websites keywords so you can just type keywords and those websites will pop up. To view a short video I made of the awesome bar click here.

Overall Firefox 3 is a huge step up from 2. A lot of changes on the front and back end with welcome change. So far I have had no problems with it. I’ve been able to cut down on my add-ons from about 35 to 14. And it seems to be running really quick on me and hasn’t crashed. So the much waiting was worth it, with a smaller memory footprint and faster web browsing everything seems to keep getting better.

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