Best CSS Resources

Over the past couple of weeks I have been updating my web site as well as learning and implementing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ) into my design. Now since I had little clue of how CSS worked and how to design with it I was a little intimidated to say the least. After reading some […]

The Keirstead 2000 Family Reunion

[kml_flashembed movie=”/images/triptocanada.swf” height=”100%” width=”100%” /] This is a slide show of a powerpoint that I made following my dad and I’s trip up to New Brunswick, Canada for the Keirstead Family Reunion in the year 2000. I meant to post this awhile ago but I just found it while searching for something on my external […] Over the Years

If you check out there is a new design up. Nothing to tricky, nice simple and clean. Got rid of that slow flash opening and the flash gallery for displaying my work. I also was able to add descriptions to my portfolio page as well as adding some new work and PDF versions for […]

Site Updates

As you can tell I have a new design for my blog. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try and update the blog to my liking and adding some pages as well as updating my regular site. I am going to try and go for a whole new theme as well […]

The full Firefox 3 Review

Its been two weeks since Firefox 3 has come out and I’m just getting around to posting a “full” review of it. Overall I’m impressed with it, its a big step up from Firefox 2. There have been some visual changes as well as software and memory changes. Now I don’t know much about programing […]