Apple iPhone 3G!! Yay? No no no


Today was Apples WWDC (world wide developers conference) conference today. With the much anticipated iPhone 3G release as well as the iPhone 2.0. So why am I saying No no no? Well look at at the name “iPhone” first of all nothing was released about the phone part of it, just add-ons for it. Then there’s the price for it….you ready…..$199 for 8GB and $299 for 16GB version. That’s it. For a phone. An iPhone. A PHONE. Are you kidding me?

When my parents signed up for the their mobile plan they got my phone for free. Now my phone doesn’t have a camera, or have GPS or have a touch screen but you know what it does do? It makes phone calls, receives phone calls, receives voice mail, receives and sends text messages, plays games, does email and even has Internet.

Now why would anybody want to pay $199 for a phone when you could easily get pretty much the same features for $199 less? Hit the jump to find out the big secret.

Well people are idiots. They’ve drank the “Steve Jobs is God” Kool aid and live and die by his word. Now in church we were taught not to idol false Gods. So am I wrong for going to church and worshiping God there on Sundays with no mention of Steve Jobs? Or are the Apple fan boys and girls correct in their assumption of who God is? Well I might seem a little cocky but I think that I’m right in my assumption.

Now you can argue that the iPhone is a good phone, which I admit that it is a good phone and interesting but worth the money? Can people really not go a couple of hours without Internet or email?Well when your blind as a sheep I guess you can’t. Now you may be saying to your self that I’m just some troll or an Apple hater, but lets look at the facts. This week AAA said that gas prices hit a record of $4.02 a gallon, food prices are up across the country yet people are willing to spend $199 on a simple phone. But the people willing to by the iPhone are willing to do anything for their false God.

Now this is starting to ramble on a little bit so I’ll cut this short Apple sucks, simple as that. They put out over priced items and make fun of Windows and Microsoft yet they have to accommodate them on everything they do. As for the fan boys and girls out there keep drinking your Kool Aid. And for all the iPhone owners I’ve lost a decent amount of respect for you without even knowing you, sorry. To everybody else have a nice day. 🙂

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