Last Graph


I’ve mentioned before (here) to track my listen habits and statistics. It gives you pretty much endless statistics and graphs and list, yet I crave more, I need more. Then along comes the wonderful and re-launched Lastgraph. Lastgraph creates, you guessed it, graphs based on your feed. All you have to do is go to their site and enter in your username and then click on posters and pick from what dates you want data to be collected. Then after awhile your data will be collected and made into a graph similar to what’s pictured above. The way the graph is made is that the more songs you listened to by an artist the bigger their color section gets. So for February/March I was listening to a lot of Pink Floyd and Boston, then for April it was Blue Oyster Cult Then for May it seems to be Elton John and Michael Jackson and since then its pretty much dominated by The Beatles. The huge increase with The Beatles has to be attributed to me watching Across the Universe. The picture above is really bad quality, but you can download a PDF version from Lastgraph that you can zoom in to see every bend and curve and name. You can view a PDF of mine here.

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