Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny is a animation movie that was released last month both digitally and physically. Its licensed under the Creative Commons License so anybody can view and use it and its source files. The movie is a little under 10 minutes long so make sure you have time to watch it. I found it to be entertaining and the animation to be amazing, I wish I could do anything close to that. While the story line could have been a little better and the characters could have been developed more the technical side of the project was amazingly done. You can head over to their web site to download the movie or purchase the DVD and support them.

This movie was created by a team of 7 who have spent the past 7 months working on it in Amsterdam. What makes this so interesting and amazing is that its licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Which means that anybody can use the images, movie, or source files if they want. I think the only limiting factor is that they can’t use it for profit. It was created by Blender Institute completely using Blender. Blender is a completely free application for a creating 3D animation and objects.

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