Digsby and Woopra

digsby_196x196 I stumbled upon Digsby a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it out. It was alright the first time I tried it but the one thing that kept me from switching was that all of my conversations were logged under Pidgin and I often reference them so it was a big thing to not have. However this week the site makeuseof.com posted a blog entry on Digsby and I made a comment about the log issue. Within probably an hour I received an email from a guy telling me about the digsby log converter and then there was a comment from one of the dev members telling me about the converter (Here is the converter).So I gave it a try and now I am a happy digsby user. One of the things I love about digsby is the ability for it to synch with pop/imap email. So that it will give me constant updates when I receive an email and then open it with ease. The other item mentioned in the title is Woopra. Woopra is like Google analytics and tracks visitors to your site. Hit the jump for why its so cool.

Edit: Updated the Digsby Log Converter Link. New Link here.

woopra This is a screen shot of Woopra. If you nothing anything interesting its that it allows live tracking of your visitors and the ability to have a conversation with them in the browser window. Its pretty interesting the only thing is when somebody views my site I see them as 2 separate users which is a little weird. But none the less its a cool service. You can sign up here, fair warning though it took about 3 weeks for me to be approved.

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