Old Writings Part 2

I’m continuing with posting some of my old writings. This is my senior write up, a senior write is a little blurb where you can write your memories of high school and friends and it will go along side your picture in the year book. Mine happened to have been written on September 29th, 2003 at 11:39 PM, so I’m going to assume that I waited for the night before it was due to write it.

“Bill, my friend.

Yes? Ted, my friend.

This has been a most excellent adventure.”

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Its over! After 13 years it’s done. Thanks to everyone who helped on my way, Mom, Dad, Marisa, Grandma, Grandpa, Mrs. Either, everybody from CYC, “Hey Babes”. Andrew-patriots are the worst go Dallas “I am awesome” it was just a lamp, Adam-go Dallas Yankees stink Red Sox forever, football games, chopping down trees with bats, Jordan- Biggy RIP 1997, go to sleep, art class, imports, DEAD WRONG, smashing chips, victory, 50, LA heat, Kevin-football games, wiffle ball, celebrity, getting stopped at the border at Canada, Sean- art class, football games, never eating, Kyle- cheeks, golfing with tiger, your holding up the line, Luke- cruise night, racing the mustang, the cutlass, going in the window. And to everybody else at the lunch table, Travis, Matt, Jeff, Karly, and Tom. Thanks to everybody again and to many more good times.

Looking back on this it reminds me a lot about the things I forgot in high school and the people. Some the inside jokes mentioned (which most of it is) seem so stupid. But oh well it was high school. Its hard to believe that i graduated from high school 4 years ago and college just about a year ago. How so much has happened in that short of time.

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