You may remember before I mentioned that you can view my most listened to music through my Zune card (here). Well I’ve been sick of using the Zune software so I found some alternatives. The first is using this program called zAlternator(link seems to be down) (direct download here) which allows you to use your Zune with other types of software such has iTunes, Windows media player and Winamp (which I use). This allows you to synch and organize music without happening to use the Zune software at all. Now however it doesn’t track what songs you play, which is a feature that I like. Many people have been using this software called It tracks your songs that you last played and lists them and other statistics about them on their own website. You can take a look at my profile here. You can still see my Zune card for what I’ve played on my Zune.

Update: I have noticed that a couple of the alternatives are down so I picked up a new Zune HD and let me tell you this is 100 times better. The new Zune software is amazing and the touchscreen and interface on the HD is amazing and easy to use. So much better than the original Zune.

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  1. […] mentioned before (here) to track my listen habits and statistics. It gives you pretty much endless statistics and graphs […]

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