There is no 19-0 teams and no perfect records other then the Dolphins. I think its karma. The Patriots got caught cheating and Rodney Harrison was suspended for PED (performance enhancing drugs) and one of the most fined players in the NFL if not the highest one was on the team. Its just karma. The Patriots got away with a lot with minimal penalties but they lost the one game that mattered. You can make all the excuses you want but they lost the one game that mattered and they are no longer perfect. I can go to bed happy now. In other news is it just me or is the Super Bowl becoming more and more commercialized? They seem to have a sponsor for everything. Soon the Super Bowl is going to be know as the Budweiser Go Daddy Fox Dell Doritos Pepsi Coke Super Bowl Show. Other then the long names the Super Bowl commercials were pretty good. I have to say my favorite was probably the Coke commercial using the giant thanksgiving day balloons. I also have to mention the Audi commercial right at the beginning of the Super Bowl with the Godfather theme to it. I hope to later this week write a blog dissecting some of the ads to see if I can see what psychological themes they are using to get people to buy their product. Lucky for me I am poor and won’t be buying any of their products.

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