Internet Sites

About a week or two ago I go an invitation to a website called Hulu is a site that hosts many TV shows and a couple of movies. Now there are many sites on the internet like this, the thing that makes the site stand out is that its completely legal. How is this […]

You may remember before I mentioned that you can view my most listened to music through my Zune card (here). Well I’ve been sick of using the Zune software so I found some alternatives. The first is using this program called zAlternator(link seems to be down) (direct download here) which allows you to use your […]


THE PATRIOTS LOST THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! There is no 19-0 teams and no perfect records other then the Dolphins. I think its karma. The Patriots got caught cheating and Rodney Harrison was suspended for PED (performance enhancing drugs) and one of the most fined players in the NFL if not the highest one was on […]