Theres Hope for the world

A couple of months before I moved into my apartment there was a women who was struck and killed by a drunk driver out side of my apartment and a couple of months before that there was another biker who was killed in almost the same place. As a memorial the families of the victims have left their damaged bikes next to two light posts by the intersections. With the recent snow and the city plowing the snow onto the corner of the sidewalks the bikes had been knocked down. Now here it is 3:10 AM and for some reason I looked out my window that faces the intersection, and you know what I saw? A man or women had pulled over on the opposite side of the road and crossed the road and picked up the bicycles and leaned them up against the poles like they had originally been. Now the bicycles weren’t laying in the road or across the sidewalk just laying down next to the poles, not obstructing anything. I don’t know if they knew the victims or what but I thought that it was a very nice gesture of this person to do that. And it restores faith that there is hope in the world.

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