Baseball Hall of Fame

Yesterday it was incredible cold it was only 6 or 7 degrees when I woke up without the wind chill. So knowing this the day before me and my friend Sean decided to take a mini road trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY. Now it wasn’t exactly going anywhere warmer as we saw it go as cold as -1 on our way there. It was a nice drive out there took about 4 hours with the last 45 mins being back roads of NY where we hardly saw any cars. There was no traffic on the way out there or on they way back until we hit Newton.

Once we got to Cooperstown it was nice and quite and if you’ve never been there I suggest going. This was my third trip up there but probably on of the better times because there was only 15-20 people in the whole building so we could take our time and read and take pictures. The last time I had come up was with my dad the summer of 2005 so right after the Red Sox had won the first world series in 86 years. So we got to see all the memorabilia from that world series, then this time we got to see everything from this world series, which wasn’t as much.

We did however get to see Clay Buchholz name and ball from when he threw his no hitter which was nice. What we didn’t see that I was disappointed about was the famous ball from Barry Bonds 756 home run, that was supposed to be displayed but hasn’t been yet. So that was a little bit of a let down. Overall though it was a nice trip, no traffic, no cops nothing but open road, and reminded us of warmer times.

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