Ai Demon

This is a movie that me and my two friends made our first years at college so it must have been 2004? Anyways its a movie of the Ai Demon that lives at Ai (our old school) and how he attacks his victim (me 🙁 ). Its short just under 2 minutes but the last […]

Theres Hope for the world

A couple of months before I moved into my apartment there was a women who was struck and killed by a drunk driver out side of my apartment and a couple of months before that there was another biker who was killed in almost the same place. As a memorial the families of the victims […]

First Run of the year!!

(The Approximate route we ran) Today it was about 50 degrees out, warm for January so Jenn and I decided to go for the first run of the year. We ended up going about 6.15 miles according to the path I mapped out using Google Earth. It was a nice little “run” there were plenty […]


I decided to update some pictures on this post. Its not much just mainly some pictures I took of Fenway Park and of some mountains up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Updated link here. Not a whole lot but I wanted to share some pictures with some friends so I figured I would […]

Boy Scout Items

I was going through my room before Christmas (I’ve been meaning to post a lot of things since before Christmas, eh?) and one of the boxes in my room was all of my items from both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. I couldn’t put these things into my fire proof safe that I have, so […]

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibson (7.10)

The great debate, which is better Windows OS or Mac OSX? Is Vista or Leopard better? Which operating system is more secure? Which is cheaper or easier to use or which one has the real “Wow” factor? Here enters the third candidate, Linux. Now there are many versions Linux but the build that I’m using […]

Baseball Hall of Fame

Yesterday it was incredible cold it was only 6 or 7 degrees when I woke up without the wind chill. So knowing this the day before me and my friend Sean decided to take a mini road trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY. Now it wasn’t exactly going anywhere warmer as […]