Kingdom of Loathing

Ive been addicted to this game called Kingdom of Loathing (link) for about 3 years. And one of the interesting things about it is that many people in the community have created greasemonkey scripts for the game.
Greasemonkey is a plug-in available for Firefox and I believe for Opera as well. What it does is let people who write scripts change the look or add things to websites. For example I hate people with tons of stuff on their facebook profile or myspace profile so one of the scripts I have take away all the applications from facebook and all the media and custom styles from myspace, which is very useful.
Anyways back on topic, one of the scripts that I love is color familiars (the game is black and white stick figure drawings) which added some color to the game. Then the creator of that script decided to make a whole Color KoL script and Ive been helping out with making some of the images, you can check them out here. Its been a little tedious because once you think your done with one thing or area you can build off of it or improve upon it. But otherwise its been quite rewarding to see it in the game that I end up playing everyday. The above image is Mt. McLargeHuge which is one of the areas that I just finished today. So if you get a chance drop by and try out the game, its really quite addicting and a great time waster.

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