Photoshop boredom

So Ive been pretty bored recently so I decided to mess around with Photoshop and some tutorials that I found online. The first was a word that was supposed to look like it was a comet. The second one is supposed to be the background on a mac. I’m still trying to perfect each of them but for now its keeping me on my toes and getting me used to photoshop and using different effects and tools. If anybody wants wallpaper size click here. I also just finished my first photoshop tutorial on creating sticker text.

2 Responses to “Photoshop boredom”

  1. Thank you for your website 🙂
    I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and ect..
    my backgrounds:
    Hope you had a good day and thank you again!

  2. Hi…

    God love google, very neat website. Thank you….