Google Street View Boston

Yawkey Way (Summer Time Grille)
(Boston, MA)

Today Google Street View Boston is released and after playing around with it its not just Boston. It includes many areas outside of Boston and even reaches Worcester and little ol’ West Boylston. I’ve collected a couple of images that I thought were interesting and places of note. Hit the jump to see the rest of the places.

Many people have noted that these could be a privacy concern but I don’t think there really is a concern for me, anyways who wants to stalk me? Anyways who actually reads this that doesn’t know me? (To see a bigger image right click on the picture and click View Image, this might only work in Firefox, but you should be using it anyways)

The New England Institute of Art
(Brookline, MA)

My Old Apartment
(Brookline, MA)

My Current Apartment
(Allston, MA)

My Old House
(West Boylston, MA)

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