Wiffle Ball USB Flashdrive

I had an old flash drive that was bent and I didn’t use anymore and I had seen many custom USB devices so I decided I would make my own. It didn’t take very long and was actually a lot easier then i thought it would be. Hit the jump to see step by step instructions and more pictures.

So here are the all the materials that I used:

Wiffle ball
Plastic Shopping bags
Mini Screwdrive
Old flashdrive

So the first step I did was to open up the flash drive. It was pretty easy just needed to pry it open with the screwdriver and it popped right open. There was only 4 pieces inside the two cases, the light case and the media it self.

The Next step was to cut the hole into the wiffle ball. I did this by going along the seam of the the wiffle ball and just whittling away at the plastic and getting the right type of hole. I made the hole just slightly bigger then the flashdrive so I knew I could fit it in there without breaking it.

I stuffed the baseball with plastic shopping bags. I did this to keep the flashdrive stable when transporting, it also gave the ball a more solid feel. I used the screwdriver to push the bags into the ball. It took 2 bags to fill up the ball and give it the right feel and make it stable enough.

Before I put the flash drive in I put a little dab of superglue on the back so it would stay in place against the bags in the back. Then I pushed the flash drive in all the way and put alot of superglue near the USB end to hold it in place and to keep it inside the wiffle ball.

So there it is all done and working. the only downfall is that it doesn’t fit in tight spaces, and theres not indicator light to tell you when the falshdrive is being used. The flashdrive that I used only had 128 MB so it wasn’t all that big but it was still a cool project to do and if I ever get another flashdrive I’ll do another project like this again.

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