Zune Social

So along with the new Zunes and new Zune software they came out with a better Zune Social.

This is my Zune card here (I tried to embed it but it was to big 🙁 ).

A Zune card is part of the new Zune Social website (my link here). Its pretty cool it shows the last played songs and how many plays you did. When you hook your Zune into your computer or wireless sync it it updates your Zune card with the last songs you played on your Zune device. However it doesn’t update your play count. I don’t really think the social is really going to catch on but its ok because its pretty cool to put on myspace and my website. Its free to anybody that wants it but you have to download and use the Zune software (here). Anyways feel free to add me as a friend.

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