Zune Social

So along with the new Zunes and new Zune software they came out with a better Zune Social. This is my Zune card here (I tried to embed it but it was to big 🙁 ). A Zune card is part of the new Zune Social website (my link here). Its pretty cool it shows […]

New Zune Software

So yesterday the New Zunes and Zune software came out. Now I thought that the old Zune software was horrible but the new software has its problems as well. The new software is a lot eaiser to use and I like the new search and customization of the background. Here is the old software: This […]

Random Thoughts

So I got bored and decided that what I was thinking was pretty cool so I figured I would make a blog. It will also help with my typing because I can only type about 30 wpm. So anyways this is just random thoughts and articles that I found around around the interwebs.