Boston skyline in a footprint


Keep running, Boston. After the recent attacks at the Boston marathon I felt inspired to create something to give hope to the city of Boston. What I came up with took the a runners shoeprint and put a silhouette of the Boston skyline in it. I think it helps to remember that no matter what Boston will always keep running.

Layout Sketches

sketch small

I have pretty much nailed down most of the elements that I want to use in my new design, the mountains and the underground rocks, now its time to do the layouts. This is the hard part because I have no idea how I wanted to do the layout and navigation or how the elements were going to play into the overall design. TO THE SKETCH BOOK! I grabbed my sketch book and started sketching away. I think I got a good grasp of how I want to mountains to fit in with the header and how I want to layout the page. Below are a few of my sketches as well as what I was thinking of doing for my resume redesign.


Quick T-Shirt Design


On Monday night my friend came to me with an emergency. He needed a t-shirt design and he needed it by tomorrow. Having known him since kindergarten I decided I could help him out as best I could with limited time. What he wanted was pretty simple he needed a set of stairs and a maple tree with the words “Feel Free to STAIR” somewhere on it. Above is the final design that I came up with, a simple tree coming out the top of a staircase with the phrase written on alternating stairs. What I was most happy about was with how I did the leaves on the tree.


Having only about two hours to work on it I didn’t really get to play around with too many different ideas. I have never designed a t-shirt before, especially one with any objects on it. The biggest thing I had to tackle is that on a t-shirt I didn’t know how it was going to be printed so I couldn’t have too much detail. Above is my first markup of the tree. As you can see there is way to much detail with the leaves. To make it simple I could have done it with the pen tool, but having such a short time to work on it that was going to take me too long.


What I did was make a bunch of circles and ovals that covered all the branches and made a good solid outline of the tree. Now that looked ok as the outline of the tree. But I wanted to give it some definition. So I selected all the ovals and went to File->Effects->Distort & Transform->Roughen. Then I played with the settings until I got a realistic looking tree. So that is my first, quick t-shirt design.

New Header and Design



I know its been awhile since I updated last on my website redesign. I went back and looked at my design and while I like the illustration look I don’t think it made a good website design. I plan on using the illustrations for an art piece though.

Up above is what I have created as my soon to be new header. I have still kept the mountains aspect of the design but I have made them more geometric and given them textures to appear more lifelike. I like this design a lot better with the textures and keeping the same aspect ratio of the mountains. I can also use the same shapes and colors on other personal branding elements like my resume and business cards.

New Layout

This is what I hope the whole layout of the site will look like. With the water turning into a waterfall and falling down the page into a lake at the bottom. At the bottom the mountains have been flipped to resemble the underground with the bottom layer being lava.


So that is hopefully my new design that I will run with, I am still not sure where I am going to put my name and navigation, but I finally got a design that I like

2013 February Blizzard “Nemo” Time Lapse

This weekend we got hit with a blizzard named “Nemo” and got buried under 25” of snow here in Merrimack NH. I used the app Lapse It. It was my first time using it and doing a time lapse but it came out pretty well.

Header and Footer Graphics

Website Redesign Header


I got pretty far today with working on my header and footer images. As I mentioned in my last post about incorporating my personality into the the site more I was able to accomplish this in my footer rather than my header. As you can see the images are drastically different from my first drafts of them. They are a lot more detailed and polished.


New Illustration for Web Site Redesign



I came up with two new header images for the new website design. With the new design I want the new site to show more of my personality. One of the many ways that I love to relax is by getting into the outdoors, whether is hiking, camping, disc golf or just going for walks. So part of the new design is going to be mainly focused on outdoor elements, mountains, disc golf, lakes, water, landscapes, sky and trees. The main colors I will be using are greens, blues and browns.


The two designs that I have come up with for the header image take a look at different mountains. One set far away and another of a more up close view. The closer view also has a cabin and I’m toying with the idea of adding more to it or taking it out. Right now I am leaning towards using the using the close up view (which I want to work into a bigger piece of work). Although I need to figure out what to do with the edges so its not just cut off. So what I’m really saying is that I haven’t learned any new HTML5 or CSS3 just working on illustration and design.

Rebuilding with HTML5 and CSS3


It’s been awhile since I have really done any web design and development. Since the last time I have done any web design things have changed a lot.  The two major changes are the implantation of HTML5 and CSS3. There are many new elements, attributes and modules. Many things that were done in the past using JavaScript or Flash can now be doing using HTML5 and CSS3.

The way that web design is expanding I need to learn both of these to further my knowledge. Over the next couple of weeks (hopefully quicker and not longer…) I will be updating my site, which is outdated, using HTML5 and CSS3. I also hope to make a simple mobile friendly website as well. Then if things go well, update the design of my blog (which really needs an update) to match the new design of my site.


1-11-2013 8-46-42 PM

Current Homepage

I will be keeping track of updates and screen shots here. As well as any cool things that I learn and I assume all the problems that I come across. I am planning on starting from scratch, however I may use HTML5 Boilerplate. I haven’t quite decided yet! I will also be trying out Sublime Text along with Notepad++ to see which I like better. I will also be posting some artwork here that I will create for the backgrounds, minor graphics, all that good stuff.

Digital Tablet Painting

Tree with tire swing painting

I have recently been doing some digital painting on my Kindle Fire using a stylist and Autodesk SketchBook Pro app from the Google Play store. These are two of my digital paintings that I have created using that app. I really want to draw and paint more and hopefully using this app and the ease of erasing and restarting will help me jump back into it.

Volcano Digitial Painting

First Pictures From Mars Curiosity Landing

Azl5SzUCEAAyouJ.jpg large


The Mars Curiosity Lander just touched down on Mars about 150 million miles away from Earth and we are already receiving live pictures from the surface of Mars. Above is the first picture taken. Just think about how incredible that is. A space ship took off from Earth, landed some 150 miles away and was pretty much immediately sending images back to Earth! I can’t even upload pictures to Instagram or Facebook when I want because I can’t get cell service here on Earth. It absolutely blows my mind how we were able to accomplish that. It gives me hope that one day humans can reach Mars. The rest of the images will be posted here. Below is another picture, there’s some dust that was kicked up while landing. Absolutely amazing.